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Jamku: Revolutionary Office Management Software

for Professionals like CA, CS, Advocates, Tax Consultant

With over 20 features , Jamku is the most complete and easy to use Practice management Software in the market.

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Jamku is brought to you by Madrecha ™ Solutions Pvt Ltd

Jamku is loaded with useful, functional features that allow Staff to quickly and easily manage their Task Assigned, Time Allocation. But that’s not all, get bird’s eye view of the Work going on in office. See how much time is spend on unproductive or un-billable tasks. Monitor Employee Efficiency and much more.

  • Drill down reporting. Group > Client > Task > Billing
  • Export all the reports in Excel for further analysis
  • Option of Local Data storage or Cloud Sync
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Features of Office Management software

Amazing Product: Get It Before Anyone Else!

More insights, with least data entry, Simplicity at it’s core.

Amazing Practice Management Tool

  • Stop Revenue Leakage by Tracking every Task performed by Employees
  • Increase profitability by Tracking efficiency of employees
  • Avoid last minute hurry chasing due dates by Keeping track of all task under that compliance.
  • Identify under billed Tasks / Clients by calculating number of Hrs taken and cost of those hrs invested.
  • Increase Customer satisfaction by increasing productivity as you find all info at one place.
  • Multiple search Criteria. Export data to excel, along with database keys for analyzing
  • Audit Trail of who did what. No more accidental changes.

Office Management Software features for CA, CS

Jamku Helps in Managing :

  • Client Groups
  • Client
  • Task (Job / Projects)
  • Task Billing
  • Work Done (Time Sheet)
  • Compliance
  • Attention (Reminder)
  • Physical File Records
  • Attendance
  • Contacts (Phone Book)

Why Choose Jamku Office Management?

If we were to list down the reasons for the Question – Why Jamku is best suited Office management tool for a Small & Mid Size Firm?

  1. Cost Effective.
  2. Easy to use, No extra Learning.
  3. Customizable.
  4. Made with Indian CA / CS in Mind.
  5. No frill Office Management Tool.
  6. Only features you need the most.
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  • Can be used Offline
  • Fast
  • Single Location
  • Unlimited users


  • Can be used Offline
  • Depends upon Internet speed
  • Multilocation Location
  • Unlimited users

Refund Policy    Terms and Condition

Jamku is ideal for Mid and Small size practicing professionals where users range between 3-25.

We believe, once you have paid, there should not be any restrictions on the software. In Jamku Office management, there is NO limit on Number of Users. Each user has it’s own login. Add unlimited Clients. Create unlimited Tasks.

Jamku can be customised

We have tried our best to analyse what are the needs of a practicing professional over years, and added only those feature which are essential to make this software easy to use and blazingly fast. If you would like to add new features, We can customise this software, specifically for you.

First Year Pricing

First year pricing – 8000 Rs (Off line) / 20,000 Rs (Cloud). which includes :

  1. License fee for 1st year
  2. Installation on 6 PC, your Admin staff taught how to install on other PC.
  3. One Training session of upto 10 Staff
  4. 2 Times On-Site Support
  5. Unlimited Remote Support (Mon to Sat – 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM)


If you Opt for off-site installation : 8,000 6,000 (Offline)

If more than 10 License purchase : 8,000 4,500 (Offline) / 20,000 15,000 (Cloud). This is suitable for Study circle coming together and bulk buying.


Jamku was original developed in 2013 for in-house use only for Madrecha and Co, a CA Firm. After use for about 2 Years there were many Chartered Accountants who wanted a System similar to Jamku, in order to fulfill their wish Jamku was redesigned taking into consideration needs of a Small CA, CS or Tax Consultant Firm (With employee strength of 3-25).

After through testing of new redesigned Jamku Office Management, it was made available for public to use